Your widget settings can be accessed by logging into your Groove account, click the Settings icon in the far left menu bar. In the Integrations (Legacy) section, locate the Support Widget app and click Settings. Here you will see a list of the widgets you have added to your account and you can access the individual settings by clicking the gear icon. 

Button Settings

You can choose the type (circle or rectangle) and placement (left or right) of your button with this setting.

Knowledge Base Settings

You can toggle on/off an option to add a contact button to the bottom of every article in your widget. 

When you have multiple knowledge bases in your account, you will see a dropdown selection in your settings where you can choose which KB is shown in your widget. 

Note: The KB tab in your widget will not appear when the widget is installed on your knowledge base, since your articles are already visible on that page.

Contact Tab Settings

With these settings you can select which mailbox to send your widget messages to and you can also toggle the option to recommend articles while the user is typing their subject line in the widget.

Color Settings

If you select "use custom color scheme" from the dropdown selection, you can customize the colors of your widget to match your own branding. 

Customizing Your Widget Text

You can customize all of the different bits of text in your support widget by simply clicking the text and then typing what you want it to say.

To customize the text of your contact tab, click over to "Contact" and click the text you want to edit. In the bottom right corner, you can switch between your form and confirmation message to edit the message your customers will see after they contact you.

Saving Your Changes

After making any changes to your widget settings, you'll want to make sure you publish them to your live widget using the Publish button in the top right of your settings.